TP-LINK provides a variety of switches for business networking solutions. Our products are comprised of Unmanaged Switches, Easy Smart Switches, Smart Switches, Jetstream L2 Managed Switches, and Jetstream L2+/ L3 Managed Switches.

Quadrant Networking - TP Link

TP Link Switches

  • Managed
  • Smart
  • Easy Smart
  • Unmanaged

Managed Switches

TP-LINK’s JetStream series Managed Switches provide a robust and future-proof network solution with high accessibility, great scalability, rich management features and security functions, making it ideal for enterprises, ISP and campus networks.

Quadrant Networking - TP Link Managed Switches

Smart Switches

TP-LINK’s Smart Switches offer cost-eff­ective network solutions for the small and medium businesses. Integrated with useful L2 features such as 802.1Q VLAN, QoS, IGMP Snooping, STP, Storm Control and SNMP, TP-LINK’s Smart Switch provides administrators a simple, cost-effective yet intelligent networking solution.

Quadrant Networking - TP Link Smart Switches

Easy Smart Switches

TP-LINK’s Easy Smart Switches are an ideal upgrade from Unmanaged Switch Technology, providing Easy Smart Configuration Utility management software and equipped with many basic practical features including Port/Tag/MTU VLAN, QoS and IGMP Snooping. Easy Smart Switches offer network administrators simple and cost-effective networking solutions for Small Business Networks.

Quadrant Networking - TP Link Easy Smart Switches

Unmanaged Switches

TP-LINK’s Unmanaged Switches can increase the speed of your network and backbone connection. They are simple plug and play products, with no software configuration and provide high performance network ports that allow for simple and effective expansion of small and medium business networks.

Quadrant Networking - TP Link Unmanaged Switches
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